7 Tips and Tricks To Help You Win Teen Patti

Teen Patti, one of the most popular games in India, is a game of skill as well as a game of chance. Not only do you require a good amount of practice but also some tricks in order to win. Even though luck plays a big role in the game it is still possible to master the game. To help you master Teen Patti, here are 7 tips and tricks you can use.

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1. Start Small

Teen Patti is a marathon, not a sprint. Hence, always start with small bets. With Teen Patti, the more rounds you play, the more are the chances of winning. This helps you in not emptying your bankroll within a few rounds. Moreover, in the Teen Patti game you are not going to win every round. It’s better to make small bets and lose small. Your focus should be to maximize the pot size and minimize your losses. 

2. Know the Game by Heart

You must be clear with the rules and ways of the game if you want to win. Teen Patti is a fast-paced game and when you’re at the table you don’t have much time to think. This is why it is important to know Teen Patti in and out. Just because Teen Patti is a game of chance more than a game of skill does not mean knowledge is not required. And one of the best ways to know the game is to practice it. If you don’t have the budget to practice often, you could use your observation skills. Observe even if you fold, observe the best players and see how they play. 

3. Be Mindful of Your Body Language

Fellow players are always observing your body language. If your body language is predictable, you could easily lose the game. Your fellow players will figure out the traits you show whenever you have a certain set of cards. For example, if you start raising stakes when you have a better hand or you keep folding when you have bad cards, the other players will know. The best way to not be predictable is to always keep a poker face and be subtle. 

On the other hand, always look out for tells in other players. Always observe people not just at the table but also while they are not playing. This will help you identify who is pretending when they’re on the table. For example, someone who is too excited becomes quiet at the table may be trying to hide that they have good cards. 

4. When in Confusion, Fold

With confusion come impulsive decisions and that is the last thing you would want to do when playing Teen Patti. Remember, most pros have a lot of patience when they play Teen Patti. Most pros also bet on a very small percentage of the rounds. Teen Patti is all about choosing the right moments to play and to fold. 

5. Keep a Check on Your Emotions

You don’t win by being emotional. Teen Patti is majorly a game of luck and when your luck does not play out in your favor it is easy to get irritated. You start getting angry and make bad decisions. And we all know nothing good comes out of that. It will only lead to a vicious cycle of you making bad decisions.

This is why it is important that you be patient and play with your emotions in place. When you’re gambling you usually get caught up in the thrill and excitement, and may not realize the losses you incur. Losing the round is hurtful, but you know what’s even more hurtful? Losing on the money meant for your rent and your bills. 

6. Make Use of Sideshow

Sideshow is there for a reason. If you’re new, I wouldn’t recommend this tip. However, if you have your ways figured out around the game, you could use the sideshow for your benefit. One of the best ways to win using sideshows is to be a good judge. You must judge accurately if the person next to you has cards stronger than you or not. If you’re certain of having the stronger hand go for the sideshow option. 

7. Do Not Bluff Too Much

Bluffing can work greatly sometimes, but not all the time. In fact, trying to bluff your way to winnings is one of the worst mistakes you could make. Keep in mind that other players can catch up on your bluff and use it to fool you instead. Remember to be patient and simply fold if you have bad cards.