Crazy Time

Crazy Time

Rating: ★★★★★
RTP: 94.33% – 96.08%
Max win: 20,000x
Provider: Evolution

Crazy Time is a thrilling live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming that revolves around a large spinning wheel.

The game boasts a vibrant and dynamic set that is visually appealing to players. What sets this game apart are the four bonuses that it offers, along with a lively and talkative game host who adds to the entertainment factor.

In this game, players have the opportunity to win big payouts through the various bonus games and multipliers that are available.

To play, players must place bets on different segments of the wheel and wait for the game host to spin it. If the wheel lands on the segment that the player has bet on, the player will receive a payout based on the odds of that segment.

Overall, Crazy Time is an action-packed and exciting casino game that is sure to keep players entertained for hours. Let’s delve into this game further and explore all the exciting features it has to offer.


Key takeaways

  • Crazy Time is a thrilling live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming with four bonuses and a random win multiplier of x2-x50.
  • The game offers a vibrant and dynamic set that is visually appealing, as well as a lively and talkative game host.
  • Players can win big payouts through the various bonus games and multipliers that are available.
  • Crazy Time is an action-packed and exciting game that offers a fun, interactive experience.
  • The maximum potential win is 20,000x your bet amount in the Crazy Time Bonus.
  • Strategies for playing the game include minimizing losses or aiming for a profit whenever one of the positions is hit.

Quick Facts About Evolution’s Crazy Time

RTP94.33% – 96.08%
Maximum win20,000x
Betting range₹10 – ₹5 lakhs
Release date2020

Play Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

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A Brief Overview of the Game

Crazy Time is a game that allows you to place bets on as many as four distinct numbers and up to four bonus positions. During the game, a host will spin a money wheel and the position where the wheel stops will determine the winner.

Although each number has a predetermined payout, the true excitement of Crazy Time lies in the bonus positions. If the wheel lands on one of the bonus positions that you have bet on, you will get to participate in a bonus game, which can lead to significant payouts.

Crazy Time has several unique bonus games, such as Coin Flip, which is a fancy game that involves flipping a coin, Pachinko, which is a game that involves dropping a ball, Cash Hunt, which is a game that involves turning tiles, and the eponymous Crazy Time, which is a mega wheel.

Additionally, each wheel spin includes a random win multiplier, which can be between x2 and x50 and can be applied to any number or one of the four bonuses. This multiplier can further increase your potential winnings.

The duration of a game round varies depending on whether a bonus is triggered. If a bonus is not triggered, a round lasts around 45 seconds. However, if a bonus is triggered, a round can last up to 2.5 minutes.

Fun Factor in Crazy Time

In our opinion, Crazy Time ranks among the most enjoyable live dealer games ever created and based on the sheer number of participants in each game, we know we’re not alone in this belief. There are several factors that contribute to its appeal.

Firstly, its versatility is unmatched. With four distinct bonus games and a random multiplier that can be added on every spin, there’s always something exciting happening.

Additionally, Crazy Time offers a social and action-packed experience. The in-game chat is regularly used by players to interact with the game host, and each other, or just to blow off some steam. The host is always alert and responds quickly to players’ requests by speaking to them.

In fact, some hosts and regular players have developed a bit of a connection over time. If the host is busy responding to chat messages, they’re still entertaining the audience, keeping the game engaging.

Naturally, some players may find all the talking distracting, but the mute button is always an option. Regardless, we believe Crazy Time is an exceptional game that provides a fun, interactive experience for everyone involved.

Payouts in Crazy Time

We are thrilled by the immense potential winnings that can be won in Crazy Time, which is just one of the many factors that make this game so exciting to us. It’s a game where a single lucky spin can turn your life around in an instant, and that is a rush like no other.

The Crazy Time Bonus is where the maximum win of 20,000 times your bet amount can be won. The mega wheel can land on a double or triple position several times in a row, leading to massive payouts.

The Pachinko bonus, on the other hand, has a maximum win of 10,000 times your bet, and also includes a double-up feature that can double potential winnings in a row.

While the other two bonuses have a lower maximum winning of 2,500x and 5,000x, they still offer significant payouts. To hit these amounts, you need to hit the random wheel multiplier at the start of a spin, which can boost winnings by x2 – x50.

Despite our love for the game’s win potential, we have to criticize its RTP. Ranging from 94.33% – 96.08%, we find this to be quite low for a modern game. Most casino games nowadays have a minimum RTP of 96%, and live dealer games often have even higher percentages, sometimes reaching 98% or beyond.

This is a significant drawback for Crazy Time. Nevertheless, we cannot resist the game’s overall entertainment value, and we still enjoy playing it regularly.

Strategies to Play Crazy Time by Evolution

In our opinion, there are no foolproof strategies that can guarantee a win in Crazy Time. However, before delving deeper into the topic, let us first present a table that shows the Return to Player (RTP) of each bet in the game:

Number 196.08%
Number 295.95%
Number 595.78%
Number 1095.73%
Cash Hunt95.27%
Coin Flip95.70%
Crazy Time94.41%

Based on the table, betting on number 1 provides the highest RTP, making it the optimal choice. However, constantly choosing this option would make the game less enjoyable.

For most players, the thrill of Crazy Time comes from hitting the bonuses, specifically the Pachinko and Crazy Time bonuses, which offer the highest potential payouts. We believe that all bonuses in the game offer fun and should not be disregarded.

If you agree and wish to cover all the bonuses, you can adjust your strategy by altering the amounts you wager on each outcome. We have provided two examples of how you can play the game with different volatility levels.

The first strategy, which has lower volatility, aims to minimize losses while chasing after the bonuses. The second strategy, which has higher volatility, focuses on making a profit whenever one of the positions is hit.

Here are the two strategies with the corresponding bets, stakes, potential winnings, and chances of winning:

  • Low volatility strategy
  • High volatility strategy

Low volatility strategy

Bet PositionStakePotential WinChance to Win
Coin Flip₹10Random7.40%
Crazy Time₹10Random1.85%
Cash Hunt₹10Random3.70%

With this strategy, you place a total bet of ₹120 and have a winning outcome 9 out of 10 game rounds. However, hitting the 1 only gives you half your stake back, while hitting the 2 gives you two-thirds back. Hitting the 5 gives you your entire stake back.

High volatility strategy

Bet PositionStakePotential WinWin Potential
Coin Flip₹10Random7.40%
Crazy Time₹10Random1.85%
Cash Hunt₹10Random3.70%

With this strategy, you place a total bet of ₹80, and whenever you hit one of your positions, you make a profit. However, only 4 out of 10 game rounds will be winning ones, and there is a risk of going on a costly losing streak.

Ultimately, there is only a slight difference in how you decide to play Crazy Time. Therefore, we suggest playing the game in a way that is enjoyable for you as online gambling is all about having fun. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of the odds to make informed decisions.

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