King567 Casino Review: A Detailed Analysis of the Player Experience

This in-depth King567 Casino review offers an overview of what you can expect when you sign up to play on this online gambling destination. We’ve covered everything from licenses to login, customer care, withdrawal, and more.

Please note that our analysis differs from most other reviews about King567 Casino on the web. We’ve done it objectively to point out the pros and cons and help you decide whether the site is safe. Please use your best judgment because the red flags we found are far too many.

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When Was King567 Casino Launched?

Nearly nothing is known about the past of King567 Casino. The precise date of its launch is not mentioned in any news articles or press releases.

The casino domain, however, was registered on October 8, 2020, according to The site was probably launched in the same year and was discontinued in 2022. Its Facebook page was created on 14 June 2021.

Is King567 Casino Legit?

At the time of writing this review, nothing on the King567 site hints at the online casino being legit. There is no information regarding its owner or licenser other than a note in the footer that the casino is powered by Ezugi.

That also explains how the casino has managed to show a game range from Evolution, NetEnt, and Red Tiger. They’re all brands of the same company. However, the lack of a gaming license still raises a lot of questions about its legitimacy.

And then, if Evolution decides to come up with a casino site, it would take the lead instead of letting an acquired brand like Ezugi do it. All this information simply doesn’t add up!

How to Log Into King567 Casino?

Currently, there is no way to log into the casino. Of course, the King567 Casino login button has been placed pretty prominently on the website. But when you click it, the window that pops up asks for an email and password. There is no sign-up page to create an account as such.

From what it looks like, King567 might have had a sign-up page once upon a time but is not accepting new registrations at the moment. Old players might still be able to log into the site and access the casino. But as new players, we failed to do so and don’t think any new signee would be able to as well.

To confirm the same, we also checked the casino’s official Facebook page, which shows it did really have a registration form in the past. People could sign up and play. However, all of these players have complained of being scammed.

Therefore, in our opinion, King567 was a scam casino that has now been abandoned. Don’t be surprised if you can’t log into it at all.

Can I Play Games on King567 Casino?

We could not access the game library of King567 Casino because we couldn’t sign up or sign in. However, it looks like the site primarily has/had live games from Evolution and Ezugi.

A few of its live games like Teen Patti, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, and Roulette are/were also streamed from Casino Marina (which, by the way, should be the one located in Colombo, Sri Lanka).

Other than that, there are slot games displayed on its site that are mostly from NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming. But we doubt if even old players can access the library. It’s highly likely that King567 was a rogue casino that closed shop. And with it went its range of casino games.

Can I Bet on Sports at King567 Casino?

Without signing up, we can say that King567 Casino doesn’t have a sportsbook. We don’t know if this option is available to those who can log in.

Information from past players reveals that the casino might have offered sports betting in the past. But, it is no longer available as the site itself has been forsaken by its owners and admins.

Does King567 Casino Have an App?

King567 Casino doesn’t have an app that you can download – not on Google Play, not on Apple Store, not even on its website. If you browse the web, you will find several third-party sites claiming to offer King567 apk download links. But all of them redirect to other casino apps.

Do Players Face a Deposit Problem on King567

Because we couldn’t log into the casino, we can’t say for sure if the King567 deposit problem is legit. But, after reading old player reviews, it’s evident that many faced problems after depositing money.

Back then, the available payment methods at King567 included Bank transfer, Net banking, Bitcoin, and UPI (BHIM, Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm). So, depositing money was easy. But it seems that once the casino took your money, there was no recourse to get it back.

What Is the King567 Withdrawal Time?

As mentioned in the terms and conditions of the casino, the King567 withdrawal time is within 72 hours for withdrawals of up to ₹2 Lakh and within 7 days if the amount exceeds ₹2 Lakh.

This timeline is further subject to the completion of KYC and approval of the player account by the casino. The minimum size of withdrawal is ₹100. The casino further puts a limit on the amount of withdrawal as 5x the deposit per day per player. Payouts are commission-free.

Can I Withdraw My King567 Casino Winnings?

If you are an old King56 Casino user who wants to withdraw winnings, we have bad news for you. Because you can no longer log into the site or reach out to the casino for help, the chance of you being able to withdraw winnings is next to zero.

Additionally, the fraud casino has refused to pay out winnings to most players in the past, which is evident from the discussions on its Facebook page.

A common complaint is that King567 Casino would block the account of players who deposited, won, and then requested a withdrawal. In fact, there is no record of the casino ever paying out money to any winner.

Can I Hack Into King567 Casino to Recover My Lost Money?

No one owns King567 online casino at the moment. No one runs it as an admin. There’s no customer care to support you or resolve your issues. There’s no helpline number to reach out to them. The money you put in it and lost, unfortunately, cannot be recovered.

As patrons of safe gambling practices and safe internet browsing, we cannot advise you to hack into the system to get back your money. However, you can always file a police complaint and hope for the best.

What Is the King567 Customer Care Number?

No valid King567 customer care number is currently available. The casino doesn’t have a contact page using which players can get in touch with the customer care team. No live chat is available either.

However, the terms and conditions page does mention that the operator can be contacted by e-mail using this address: [email protected]. We don’t know whether this ID is valid as we haven’t received any reply for a query we sent.

The casino’s Facebook page further mentions another email id: [email protected], but we’d suggest not to bank on any ID that isn’t a business email account.

What Is the King567 Helpline Number?

The only King567 helpline number that is currently available is +91 80 3724 4346. However, although the number works, no one answers.

What Is the King567 WhatsApp Number?

The King567 WhatsApp number is +91 80 3724 4346 – the same as its helpline number. However, we tried sending several texts, but no one responds. It’s a business account owned by one ‘Swift Tech Support.’ It is even linked to a site called, which again is invalid.

What Is the King567 Admin and Agent Login?

The King567 admin and agent login is the admin dashboard for affiliates of the casino. However, it is no longer functional. The URL for the admin platform is:

What Is the King567 Wikipedia Page?

There is no King567 Wikipedia page at the moment. In fact, there never has been one!

Is the King567 Casino Site Safe?

The King567 Casino site is the opposite of safe. Everything about it is a red flag and has ‘fraud’ written all over it. It’s currently not possible to sign in, deposit, or play at the casino. If someone manages to, there’s no guarantee that they are putting their hard-earned money into safe hands.

Of course, technology-wise, the site seems pretty secure. It is HTTPS-enabled and responsive. But these aren’t reasons enough to consider it safe for gambling.

Should I Trust King567 Casino?

You must never trust King567 casino. We will put forward 10 reasons why (some of them at the risk of repeating):

  • No license
  • No owner information
  • No way to sign in
  • No access to games
  • No way to withdraw winnings
  • No way to recover lost money
  • Past player complaints
  • No customer support
  • Invalid helpline/WhatsApp numbers
  • No winner stories ever

Avoid it like the plague. Pretty please.