Bonus Buy Slots: Everything You Need to Know

The journey of online casino gaming from its humble beginnings to the present day is nothing short of a fairy tale, where the fruit slot machine evolves into an almost unrecognizable beacon of technological wonder.

Nowadays, you can’t swing a virtual cat without hitting a myriad of slot game varieties, each more elaborate than the last. Truly, we live in a golden age of choice and innovation. Visit YYY casino to see every slot you can ever imagine.

A revolutionary feature, the Bonus Buy function, allows players instant access to the game’s most exciting parts—the bonus rounds—and adds speed, action, and excitement to the gambling experience.

Let’s go further into this feature with this concise tutorial.

Introducing Bonus Buy Slots

In 2017, Big Time Gaming launched White Rabbit, which introduced the globe to the Bonus Buy feature, turning heads and rolling eyes in the ever-evolving online slot drama. The ability to skip the main game and go straight to the bonus rounds was a huge deal for players and much welcomed.

  • What they are: A modern twist on classic online slots, allowing instant access to bonus features.
  • Invention: The concept was introduced by Big Time Gaming.
  • First Launch: The White Rabbit slot, released in 2017, was the first to feature this option.
  • Unique Mechanism: Players can purchase the bonus feature outright, bypassing traditional triggers.
  • Token Collection: A novel addition where collecting tokens during gameplay can reduce or even nullify the cost of the bonus buy feature.

White Rabbit was the catalyst for a new trend. Quickly becoming an essential component of every respectable online slot, the Feature Drop was patented to guarantee its position in the slot game hall of fame.

In the end, Bonus Buy slots, which you can try at YYY online casino, have carved out their niche, offering players the chance to bypass the mundane grind of hoping for that elusive winning combination.

How to Win in Bonus Buy Slots

Playing Bonus Buy slots offers a straightforward path to the game’s most exciting moments, allowing you to bypass the usual requirements for triggering bonus features. Here’s a general guide on how to dive into these games:

  1. Select a Slot with a Bonus Buy Feature: Start by choosing a game that offers the Bonus Buy option. Money Train 2 is a popular choice due to its high payout potential and the option to directly purchase entry into its Money Cart Bonus Feature for 100x your stake.
  2. Spot the Bonus Buy Button: Usually hanging out on the sidelines, this button is your gateway to instant gratification.
  3. Choose Your Bonus Option: Different flavors of bonus buys might be on offer, each with its own price tag. Choose wisely, or as wisely as one can when gambling.
  4. Confirm Your Purchase: After selecting your desired bonus feature and understanding the cost, you’ll need to confirm your purchase. This cost will then be deducted from your account balance, and the bonus feature will start immediately.
  5. Watch the Fireworks: Enjoy the show as the bonus round unfolds, hopefully in your favor.

Before you throw caution (and your balance) to the wind, a mock run in demo mode might not be the worst idea. It’s like a dress rehearsal for the main event, minus the risk of going broke.

Remember, activating these features is akin to ordering a mystery box; it could be a jackpot or a jack squat. The thrill is in the risk, but so is the potential for facepalm-worthy outcomes.

Disagreement About Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus Buy feature in slots – a topic as divisive as pineapple on pizza. Let’s unwrap the controversy with the efficiency of an impatient player skipping straight to the bonus round:

  • Regulatory Scrutiny: Some regions are giving Bonus Buys the side-eye, concerned they might fuel impulsive gambling habits.
  • Economic Implications: The feature’s high cost raises eyebrows over fairness and the risk of quick bankroll depletion.
  • Gameplay Integrity: Critics argue that buying your way to bonuses disrupts the game’s balance, perhaps lessening the thrill of the win.
  • Design Dilemmas: Then there’s the argument that Bonus Buys mess with the sacred game design, turning what should be a rewarding journey into an instant gratification button mash.

Wrapped in all this controversy, Bonus Buys sit snugly, offering a glimpse into the future of slots where patience is optional, and the divide between traditionalists and modernists widens.

Whether it’s the promise of instant excitement or a quick drain on your funds, it’s clear that Bonus Buys have stirred the pot, making everyone choose a side in the grand debate of quick access versus the journey there.


To play or not to play Bonus Buy slots is your call, but who wouldn’t be curious to skip straight to the thrill? It’s like fast-forwarding to the best part of a movie—controversial, perhaps, but undeniably tempting. Dive in, if only for the bragging rights of having taken the plunge into the instant bonus wonderland.