Andar Bahar Probabilities for Regular and Side Bets

Although the common belief is that Andar Bahar is a 50/50 chance game, this is not really true. Upon a closer look, one will observe that there is actually an edge that Andar has over Bahar. Let’s explore the probabilities for both regular and side bets. If you’re already aware of it and want to play Andar Bahar with real dealers, find a site to play Andar Bahar for real cash here.

Probabilities of Winning in Main Bets

Let’s take two scenarios to explain the probabilities for Main bets – Andar and Bahar

If the joker card is a black suit, the game will begin with Andar.

The following are the probabilities:

  • Andar: 51.5%
  • Bahar: 49.5%

The RTP, in this case, would be:

  • Andar: 97.85%
  • Bahar: 97.00% 

If the joker card is a red suit, the game will begin with Bahar.

The following are the probabilities: 

  • Andar: 49.5%
  • Bahar: 51.5%

The RTP, in this case, would be:

  • Andar: 97.00%
  • Bahar: 97.85%

Probabilities of Winning in Side Bets

Because a game of Andar Bahar also comes with numerous side bets, we have worked out the probabilities for them as well. Find them explained below:

Side bet on the number of cards dealt

Side bet on the numberProbabilitiesPercentage
1-5 cards0.27106827.11%
6-10 cards0.21704721.70%
11-15 cards0.16902816.90%
16-25 cards0.21800721.80%
26-30 cards0.0609846.10%
31-35 cards0.0369753.70%
36-40 cards0.0189681.90%
41-51 cards0.0079230.79%

Side bet on the color or suit of the joker card

Side bet on the colorProbabilityPercentage
Red or Black0.5050.00%
Spades, Diamonds, Hearts or Clubs0.2525.00%

Side bet on the value of the joker card

Joker side bet Probability Percentage

Concluding Thoughts

Andar Bahar is a fun and simple game to play. It’s also a good idea to be aware of the game’s probabilities because it can help you form better strategies. Now that you know the probabilities, pick an Andar Bahar online casino from our list and get started playing!